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Why is Dr. Smith Unique?

Dr. Smith stands out among her peers for two reasons:

1) Since completing naturopathic medical school, she has completed extensive advanced clinical training in Canada, the United States, Germany and India, in various modalities including those sited below. Most recently in June 2010, Dr. Smith was in Germany studying with advanced applications of intravenous therapy in oncology. This winter, Dr. Smith is taking another advanced course in Environmental Medicine (re: assessment and chelation of various toxins) and an advanced course in non-cosmetic applications of mesotherapy for pain management.

2) Dr. Smith has a wealth of life experience outside of medicine which contributes perspective and helps a great deal in facilitating the art of practicing medicine. Read more about Dr. Smith.

"There is something deeply personal and yet universal about witnessing the vital force of the human spirit, which plays a pivotal role in healing. I am priviledged to see this often. To see my patients decide that they are worth it, decide to rally, and decide to make empowering choices - there is nothing more inspirational than that."

Kirsten Smith, ND

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