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What happens in the 1st visit?

Prior to the first visit, you are required to fill out an intake and consent form. Please go to the New Patient Forms page to download what you need.

The first visit is 1 - 1.5 hours depending on the case, and is this long because of the amount of information that is collected to commence assessment.  Dr. Smith will do the following:

  • A thorough intake including current concerns, past conditions, family history and a review of systems
  • A complaint-oriented physical exam or complete physical, if indicated
  • Order lab work if necessary
  • An initial individualized treatment plan that incorporates individual or various treatment modalities, as indicated

Acute walk-ins are 15 minutes, and follow-ups are 30 minutes, but for times & fees of the various types of visits and services please contact reception. The hours Dr. Smith is available are 8am-7pm, Monday - Friday.

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