Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

Our diet should provide adequate levels of basic nutrients however due to chronic stress, environmental pollutants, nutrient depleted soil and genetic modification, nutrient status if often not even close to optimal.

IV Therapy

Vitamin Infusion Therapy (IV Therapy) provides the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs, in the most efficient and effective way, powerfully igniting the healing process at a cellular level.  

This specialized therapy allows nutrients to be absorbed much faster and at higher concentrations than in supplements to help prevent illness, treat acute or chronic health conditions or bring you back to your vibrant self after a long bout of acute stress.

Why IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a unique and powerful treatment option that is very useful for certain conditions because it achieves better results, faster. Whether you want to enhance your energy, improve your overall health, treat specific medical conditions, or maintain optimal health to prevent future conditions, nutrient IV therapy can replenish the nutrients your body needs for optimal health.

Dr. Smith will determine your personal needs and customize an infusion to help restore your health. See the list of infusions below.


  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Stress and burnout
  • Pre and post athletic event/ Performance
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Acute viral illnesses and colds
  • Anxiety
  • PMS
  • Anti-Aging
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Migraines & tension headaches
  • Macular degeneration
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Chronic disease
  • Allergies
  • Detoxification
  • Asthma
  • Chronic or acute muscle spasms

Call the clinic today at (416) 929-0707 for a COMPLIMENTARY 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION with Dr. Smith to discuss your health goals and any questions you may have regarding Vitamin IV therapy.

Vitamin Therapy Infusions:

Myer's Cocktail

This well-known formula has been used for many decades now in IV therapy. It improves immune function, adrenal (stress) function, energy and mood. Often this infusion is the template from which Dr. Smith further customizes a formula to suit your needs. Treatment time is approximately 30 minutes.

Immune Infusion

Whether you're severely ill with any bacterial (such as pneumonia) or viral infection (such as shingles, herpes, the flu, mono) or just can't get better, this is going to strengthen your immune system so that it can finally win the battle. Dr. Smith uses appropriate doses of specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids that support immune function and accelerate recovery. This is very powerful support during the cold and flu season and can assist in stopping an infection if you get an IV as soon as you feel you're getting ill. Treatment time is 45-60 minutes.

Wound Healer/ Post-Op recovery

This infusion is designed to speed healing post-operatively, after an injury or birth. Dr. Smith also employs this formula with patients who have inflammatory bowel disease or celiac disease to assist in healing the intestinal lining (which is critical to absorbing nutrients) and replace nutrient levels.

Brain Balance

By feeding biochemical pathways to support normal neurotransmitter status, this infusion (customized each time depending on mental state) will improve mood and decrease anxiety. This is particularly of value when tapering off medication or in times of increased stress. Treatment time is approximately 30 minutes.

Anxiety Relief

This infusion is long (about 2 hours), and is one of the largest infusions Dr. Smith does. It includes numerous vitamins, minerals AND amino acids that powerfully reduce anxiety over a few weeks, with some relief even after the first infusion. This is very valuable in times of crisis or very helpful when tapering medication or when launching a new program for managing anxiety. Glutathione will be administered at the end of this infusion to amplify the impact of the other nutrients.

Performance Prep

This infusion is to optimize performance of all kinds - physical (training, races, etc), mental (exams, etc) and emotional (for example high stress). Many professional athletes have benefitted from this invaluable infusion in the week(s) leading up to their event. Each formula however is individualized based on specific nutritional demands and will improve energy, support immune system, reducing effects of stress/anxiety, and maintain optimal health. Treatment time is approximately 45-60 minutes. Glutathione is strongly recommended as an add-on at the end of this treatment (it is added to the bag when almost all of the other nutrients have dripped through) because it amplifies the impact of the nutrients.

Race Recovery

This infusion helps the body to effectively and rapidly address lactic acid build up, along with other metabolic breakdown products that are released after massive muscle loading and endurance work. This also replaces all of the B vitamins, magnesium and other nutrients that are almost entirely depleted from intensive athletic training and performance, which helps prevent adrenal burnout and the ensuing fatigue. Glutathione is strongly recommended as an add-on at the end of this treatment (it is added to the bag when almost all of the other nutrients have dripped through) because it amplifies the impact of the nutrients.

High Dose Vitamin C

The use of high dose vitamin C intravenously is the primary oncological treatment in naturopathic medicine and was first studied in the early 1970s by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling. His research illuminated that cancer was a disease of changes in connective tissue caused by low vitamin C levels. It was thus proposed that high-dose vitamin C (ascorbic acid) could help build resistance to disease or infection, and possibly treat cancer. Since then many new studies have corroborated these findings.

Many studies since have shown that:

  • treatment with high-dose vitamin C slowed the growth and spread of prostate, pancreatic, liver, colon, malignant mesothelioma, neuroblastoma, and other types of cancer cells
  • combining high-dose vitamin C with certain types of chemotherapy may be more effective than chemotherapy alone
  • Ascorbic acid with arsenic trioxide may be more effective in ovarian cancer cells.
  • Ascorbic acid with gemcitabine may be more effective in pancreatic cancer cells.
  • Ascorbic acid with gemcitabine and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) may be more effective in malignant mesothelioma cells.

Another study suggested that combining high-dose vitamin C with radiation therapy killed more glioblastoma multiforme cells than radiation therapy alone

These IVs are always a part of a series and on average 2/week.

Treatment time is 1.5-2 hours.

Detoxification IV

Detoxification pathways are driven and supported by very specific nutritional components. By giving you the substrate, or ingredients, to optimize detoxification pathways, IV therapy has documented positive effects. Treatment time is approximately 30-45 minutes. Glutathione is strongly recommended as an add-on at the end of this treatment (it is added to the bag when almost all of the other nutrients have dripped through) because it amplifies the impact of the nutrients.

Glutathione IV

This is the most powerful antioxidant our body produces and is found predominantly in the brain and liver. When administered intravenously it improves liver and brain function so is subsequently used for memory enhancement, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, and liver disease. Glutathione is truly the lead anti-oxidant improving the function of other anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, CoQ10, vitamin E, etc. Glutathione has also been shown to be reduce many of the side-effects of chemotherapy. Glutathione levels decrease with age and is therefore widely used as a general anti-aging treatment. Glutathione is also used commonly to decrease pigmentation, or as a stand-alone skin lightening therapy. In this context it is done 2-3 times a week for a few months. Treatment time for this intervention is 10-15 minutes. NB: Glutathione is commonly added in at the end of various other infusions.

Migraine Mover

Magnesium can have a powerful and direct impact on many types of spasmodic pain syndromes, including migraines. This formula includes various B vitamins proven to reduce recurrence and speed in the recovery from migraines, however magnesium is the big player here. Significant relief is often reported within 30-60 minutes. Treatment time is 20-30 minutes.

PMS Relief

This infusion also utilizes magnesium (as above) which reduces pain by decreasing muscle spasm in the uterus, along with various other B vitamins and minerals. Relief comes within 30-60 minutes. Treatment time is 20-30 minutes.

Allergy/Asthma IV

Vitamin C, pyridoxine, and other trace minerals help reduce symptoms linked to asthma and allergies. There have also been many cases of chronic urticaria who have seen remission with this supportive therapy. This can be used as a preventive strategy or for acute reactions. Treatment time is 1 hour.

Call the clinic today at (416) 929-0707 for a COMPLIMENTARY 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION with Dr. Smith to discuss your health goals and any questions you may have regarding Vitamin IV therapy.

What to Expect

In order to receive IV therapy from and ND in Ontario, you have to be that doctor’s patient. If you are interested in this type of care, please book an appointment with Dr. Smith. She will review your medical history, family history and current health challenges in the consult and she may ascertain that some lab testing is required. If no testing is required before she prescribes the infusion, you can commence IV therapy right away.

You will then be taken to the IV suite, set up in a comfortable chair and the IV will be started. Once the IV is running you are free to read a book, have a cup of tea and a snack, or simply put your feet up and relax. You will be checked on periodically during your treatment.

Treatments most commonly take about 30 minutes but may take up to 120 minutes or longer depending on the type of IV prescribed. Treatment frequency varies and is dependant on a number of factors. It can range from weekly to monthly or as needed during times of high stress or immune challenge.

Common Questions About IV Therapy

Why not take oral vitamins?

Oral supplementation is often a very useful intervention and very effective. There are however, certain conditions or medical situations where getting a much larger dose than one can take orally and getting it directly at the cell level (bypassing digestion and absorption), is an extremely powerful therapy. With IV infusions of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, you can deliver high dose, quickly and get rapid transformations with certain conditions that you simply cannot even remotely achieve with oral dosing.

Does it hurt?

The only part that hurts very briefly is the poke at the beginning. Dr. Smith uses flexible angiocatheters so there is actually no needle sitting in your arm so you can have a painless, relaxed experience and even move your arm if necessary. It is not at all like getting an IV in your hand in the hospital - it is far more relaxed and far less painful.

Is it safe?

NDs who administer IVs have an entirely separate and additional license to do so, and to maintain that license they have to do regular continuing education. Our regulatory body ensures that we are highly trained and continue to be. IV trained NDs assess their patients for candidacy and are discerning. There are always some minor risks when injecting into the bloodstream however there are no preservatives in the vitamins so it is very well tolerated.  There are some rare risks of bruising or of an irritated vein, however Dr. Smith will go over this with you in the office. IV therapy is extremely safe and effective.

How should I prepare for my session?

Feed and water yourself! Hydration is important and having eating within 3 hours also helps stabilize the body.

Call the clinic today at (416) 929-0707 for a COMPLIMENTARY 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION with Dr. Smith to discuss your health goals and any questions you may have regarding Vitamin IV therapy.

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